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Eoin Colfer – Artemis Fowl, Highfire, Ironman: The Gauntlet

“Godfell is a big, savage blast of legendary warrior fiction. It has a brilliant premise, striking artwork and fascinating protagonists.”

Cavan Scott – Star Wars: The High Republic, Shadow Service

“Fantasy doesn’t get more epic than this! The mother of all quests begins here!”

Nora Twomey – My Father’s Dragon, The Breadwinner, The Secret of Kells

“Godfell is completely sweeping me away with its Odysseus-like journey home through beautiful landscapes, with a rich lore and compelling characters. It holds mysteries I can’t wait to see resolved but I’ll enjoy the path as patiently as I can. A brilliant work by the creators!”

The Odds Pod

Join writer Dave Hendrick and artist Ben Hennessy as they ask guests from the world of comic books and beyond “What’s your favorite apocalypse?” Be it the destruction of Pompeii, the cancellation of a beloved tv show, or just your common or garden asteroid, Dave and Ben find out that everyone’s world ends a little differently.


Created by Dave Hendrick & Ben Hennessy

Published by Scout Comics

The Art of Bennessy


Ben Hennessy

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