FLARE and Wexworlds



Hey everybody, hope you’re all well. Couple of things, The new FLARE book, Shooting Star is out soon, keep in touch with all things Flare on their FB page. It’s a great book, there’s a lot of laughs in there, Paddy Lennon knows how to use words good.  I got to work on the cover for this one as well (hoping to do the cover for the third one too, hint hint Paddy 😉 ), it looks something like this


and then Miriam Abuin threw some colours on it


Looks ace! It really is a great read and Paddy and Miriam are some of the nicest people you can meet so by buying this book I’m sure the universe will reward you some how for supporting them ( AND ME 🙂 )!

Another thing, Wexworlds, Wexfords fantasy and Sci-Fi festival is on this Friday and Saturday. That’s Friday the19th and Saturday the 20th of June.  Here’s the programme of events. All events are free but need booking via the Wexworlds email wexworlds@gmail.com . There’s a load of panels and workshops on featuring local talents like Nick Roche, Eoin Colfer and Michael Benson.  I’ll be there too I have a workshop and a panel, 2000AD’s  Michael Carroll will be giving a workshop on a hot topic of indie publishing, Alan Corbett will be giving a workshop in comic book character design and Oisín McGann is there early on the Friday giving a workshop in childrens writing ( sounds awesome but that one’s for schools only, sorry lads! ) Hope to see you all there, it’s an awesome line up and I know that I would have jumped at the chance to attend something like this when I was growing up in Wexford.

Also on the note of all things Wexford, my comic that’s based in Wexford is actually getting done. It’s gone through about a bajillion rewrites but this latest one is sticking. As soon as it’s done I’ll have a LOAD of art to post here and back on my social networks it’s just that pretty much everything I’m drawing now is related to it in some way and I don’t want to post anything about it in case it messes up any chance I have with any publishers. It’s the first time I’ve done something like this so I’m just being extra careful with it.

One more thing, my accounts might have a different kind of drawing on em this week as I go out to the Bray School Project art day. This is the third year I’ve gone there to draw all things comics, cartoons and films with the kids.  I’ll post up some of their drawings this year ( it would be impossible to post them all because the kids draw so much) every year there’s something new they’re all into drawing, I’m hoping this year it’ll be Jurassic World 🙂 .

Anyway that’s everything, I’ll be back again soon!



New Beginnings

social call


“The beginning is the most important part of the work.” – Plato

Hi Everybody!

First off I’d like to say thank you to anyone who’s followed me here from my old Blog or from my FB/Twitter account you are all AWESOME and you have no idea how much I appreciate your support. To anyone who has managed to stumble upon my website for the first time I’d like to say Hello!!! You’re all AWESOME TOO!

I’m going to try and post up more of what I’m currently working on here as well as new product launches, events and experiences all based around my interests and work in illustration, design, animation and storytelling.

I hope you dig it, if you do please feel free to get in contact or if you would prefer not to get in contact and just hang around in the shadows like some kind of internet ninja that’s cool too.

All the best,